Welcome To Capital Experts

Capital Experts Trading Oman CET is a national Omani institution established in 2013 in Muscat and registered as a first-class institution at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman. Since its inception, CET specialized in the provision of a broad-spectrum of cutting end services and products. CET has four main sectors: Training Services Sector TSS, Conferences and Seminar Organizing Sector CSS, Digital Design Sector DDS, and Marketing Services Sector MSS.

Capital Experts at a glance

The vision of Capital Experts is “To become a world class Omani company by consistently provide valuable, reliable and affordable products and services”.
  • The Mission of Training Services and Conferences SECTOR TSC

The mission of TSC at CET is to provide professional, comprehensive and affordable training programs, workshops, courses for individuals, governmental and private sectors. Our programs aim to apply international standards and focus on the Gulf region with an awareness of work ethics and social responsibilities to qualify trainees to play an active role in the development of the Omani’s community as a developing promising market and to become innovative leaders of the industry. We also provide through well-organized conferences and seminars an ideal environment for professionals to share experiences and gain knowledge. All activities organized by this sector should aim at the development of Oman and the Gulf region in general

  • The Mission of IT & Web Development ITD

The mission of ITD at CET is to provide web development services and consulting related to developing and maintaining websites and online applications. Members of this sector collaborate with Digital Design team on style and visual elements to improve the look and feel of websites and applications. They are taking care of content, changes and emerging online technologies to maximize our valued customer’s return on IT investment.

  • The Mission of Digital Design SECTOR DDS

DDS at CET promises you the highest quality of digital graphic design and customer service combined with a sound marketing initiative that will take your institution and clients to the next level. Our Mission is to be highly competitive in this fast-changing marketplace, delivering the most innovative, cost-effective graphic design services supporting our wide range of client’s specific needs. When you collaborate with DDS at CET as your creative provider, you have taken the first important step to a new way of doing business. CAPITAL Experts expertise-based knowledge of three-dimensional design, website design and development, publication and print production processes are unparalleled.

  • The Mission of Consulting Services SECTOR MCS

Our Mission at MCS is to CET is “your strategic partner” specialized in the complete support of your business through innovative strategies. The Consulting Services Sector at Capital Experts established with an expert team of industry professionals and academics who offer their expertise to your organization, keeping it up-to-date on the latest technology and trends for its. Because this sector is working closely with other sectors of CET we provide you a full-scope package that covers all your business needs. We completely eliminate the hassle of having to use multiple sources to implement your new strategy.

  • Provide variety and flexibility to meet clients’ demands while minimizing costs.
  • Offer unique, luxurious, superior and economically competitive products/Services through excellent integration of expertise, consumer insights and understanding of Gulf marketplace.
  • Support our clients with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Build and maintain a high-quality training environment and innovative programs.
  • Select qualified and highly experienced speakers and instructors in conjunction with strategic partners
CE wants to build its future on sustainable profit based on sound business ethics and respect for its stakeholders and be a good corporate citizen. For only by acting with professionalism and integrity, will we be able to maintain our stakeholders’ trust and preserve our reputation. Our Business Principles prescribe the corporate values we pursue and the responsibilities we have towards society and the environment: we act with integrity, we are open and clear, we respect each other and we are socially and environmentally responsible.